Frequently Asked Questions about Wintm

How can I schedule assignments after July 1, 2021?

You will need Version 12f. You can download it from this site.

Will Wintm run under Linux or on a Mac?

Wintm can run on Linux or on a Mac using Wine. Wine is free software that enables programs written for Windows to execute with Linux. No special Wine configuration is needed to run Wintm.

What antivirus should I run with Wintm?

Microsoft Windows Defender is recommended. Some other security software may prevent Wintm from operating correctly or generate false alerts. If your security software complains about Wintm, try refreshing your copy from this site. If you still see security alerts, please send an e-mail to that includes:

How do I change the assignment type, for example a discourse instead of Bible study?

Follow these steps:

If edits are made prior to creating a schedule, appropriate students will be selected, otherwise you can access the same editor in the Modify Current Schedule screen and reassign students as needed.

Why should I avoid the C:\Program Files path when installing Wintm?

The recommended location for Wintm is C:\Wintm. It is OK to install in another location including a removable drive as long as you avoid the C:\Program Files path. Why is that? 

Windows treats the C:\Program Files path in a special way and will relocate your data. Here are some bad consequences:

None of these problems occur if you avoid the C:\Program Files path.

How do I move the WINTM program with data to a new computer?

Simply copy the entire WINTM folder onto the new computer. No installation routine is needed. Some possible methods are:

Zip up the WINTM folder on the original computer and attach the zip file to an email. Open the email on the new computer, detach and unzip the WINTM folder to drive C: Create a shortcut to WINTM.EXE inside the folder. Ideally the folder should be C:\WINTM.

Copy the entire WINTM folder to a USB device. On the destination computer, copy the WINTM folder to drive C: Create a shortcut to WINTM.EXE inside the folder.

It's important that you know where your existing data is located before attempting to move it. Launch Wintm and click the yellow question mark. The Directory box contains the path to the directory (folder) you need to copy.

I downloaded and installed a new version, but the old version still runs when I click the icon.  I downloaded and installed the new source material files, but they are not available when I run the program.  I downloaded the new version, but now I can't see my old data.

This will happen if the downloaded files are not installed in the same folder as your older files.

To determine the correct location, before installing the update, right click your existing shortcut and examine the 'properties' tab.  If for example the 'Target' reads C:\WINTM\WINTM.EXE the 'Start in' should be C:\WINTM and you can accept defaults when running the downloaded setup program. Otherwise you will need to enter the correct path when prompted.

If you are upgrading to a new version, only the WINTM.EXE and WINTM.CHM files are replaced.  This will not affect your data.

If your old data is not visible when you execute the new version, then the new version was likely not installed in the same folder as your data files. In this case you may need to search your hard drive to find the original WINTM location.

Once you have located your original files, follow the upgrade steps listed below.    

How do I update my version of WINTM?

1.  Launch WINTM and verify your data is present. Click the yellow question mark.  Examine the box marked Directory.  If it contains C:\WINTM all is well and you can accept defaults when running the setup programs.  Otherwise, make a note of the contents of the Directory box. Close WINTM.

2.  Download the suwintm.exe file from this website.  Save the file on your desktop.

3.  Execute the suwintm.exe file from your desktop.  If your directory location was determined to be other than C:\WINTM enter the correct location when prompted for the location of your WINTM files, otherwise accept all defaults.

4.  Launch WINTM and verify all your files are present and updated.  Delete the downloaded suwintm.exe from your desktop.

WINTM always expects to find data files in the same folder that contains WINTM.EXE.  It is not a good idea to change the 'Start In' property to a folder other than the one containing WINTM.EXE.

How can I e-mail worksheets or schedules?

A good way to e-mail anything you can print is to install a 'print to pdf' driver.  This software acts like any other printer except that instead of printed output, it creates a pdf file containing the output.  Thus, anything that can be printed in WINTM can be attached to an e-mail. Windows 10 includes one called 'Microsoft Print to PDF'. 

Unable to attach a counsel point.

After a schedule is created and modified, counsel points can be attached using the 'Edit Counsel Points' dialog in 'From Current Schedule' mode.  If a 'Next' point was entered, it will automatically be attached to the first suitable assignment. If a point was not complete it will not be automatically attached. When you select the student and click the Study button, the incomplete point will be preselected. Click OK to accept it, or select another point.  This step provides verification that the point is suitable for the assignment and allows you to change it when necessary.

Student appears on schedule every week.

This is typically caused by having students whose last assignment date is later than the start of the next schedule to be created.

How can I send the schedule to a word processor?

Click 'File', 'Export Schedule' to export the schedule to a rich text format (RTF) file which can be imported into your word processor for further formatting.  The file will be created in your WINTM folder.  In the English version it is named SCHEDULE.RTF.

Suggested schedule has blanks

This is can happen if a student whose name is blank has been added.  Go to Edit Studentfile and examine the listbox with students' names.  If the top entry is blank, select it and delete it.  If you haven't done extensive editing to the schedule or studentfile since creating the schedule, you may want to do a permanent rollback before deleting the blank entry, then recreate the schedule. Otherwise, use the schedule editor to replace the blanks with students.

Can I remove older data files from my WINTM directory?

The program will check for obsolete files and offer to remove them if you click 'File', 'Remove Old Files'.  If you have downloaded an updated suwintm.exe file, you can remove it after executing it once to extract its contents.  

How can I backup my WINTM files to a USB stick or take them to another computer?

Use Windows Explorer to copy the entire WINTM directory to the USB device.  WINTM stores all data and configuration information in the folder containing WINTM.EXE.  Everything needed to run WINTM is in this folder.  Be sure to COPY, NOT MOVE the folder.  You can also use the Send To command from the right-click menu in Windows Explorer. To place the files on another computer, copy the Wintm folder from the USB device to drive C: No installation is necessary on the new computer.  

To simplify future updates, it's recommended that Wintm is located at C:\Wintm. If you prefer another location you can place the program anywhere as long as it is NOT in the C:\Program Files path. Wintm does not require administrator permissions to install or run.